Ben Leonberg is Filmmaker and Creative Director.  He tells stories like you’ve never seen before, using cutting-edge technology like VR, practical effects (for the torch-wielding bears), and a studied approach to narrative. Despite living in NYC, Ben’s movies usually feature exciting outdoor locations like caves, deserts, and far-away places. Ben earned his MFA in Directing from Columbia University where he now teaches undergraduate filmmaking. Ben’s work has played all over the world, won recognition at SXSW, and includes several award-winning short films; Bears Discover Fire, The Fisherman’s Wife, and his VR project Four Walls which won an honoree Webby.

Currently, Ben works as the Creative Director for the virtual reality company YouVisit and was instrumental in growing its creative arm through the generation of YouVisit Studios.  When he isn’t pushing the boundaries of storytelling in a new medium, Ben is making genre films enhanced by his affinity for special effects.

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