Ben Leonberg is filmmaker and Creative Director for virtual reality.  He has a habit for telling stories like you’ve never seen before.  Despite living in NYC, Ben makes movies that feature exciting outdoor locations like caves, deserts, and far-away places.

Ben began his career in New Zealand as a camera operator, then transitioned to working as an in-house director at Reebok.  There he shot over 20 commercial videos, including his first TV spot that premiered at the broadcast of the 2011 Stanley Cup and was featured in Adweek.  Ben has also earned an MFA in Directing from Columbia University where he now teaches undergraduate filmmaking. Ben has created several award-winning short films including Bears Discover Fire, The Fisherman’s Wife and his VR project Four Walls won an honoree Webby.

Currently, Ben works as the Creative Director for the virtual reality company YouVisit and was instrumental in growing its creative arm through the generation of YouVisit Studios.  When he isn’t pushing the boundaries of storytelling in a new medium, Ben is making genre films enhanced by his affinity for special effects.

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